BUTTER is America’s equitable fine art fair, showcasing the works of more than 50 Black visual artists from Indiana and across the country. BUTTER advocates for the care and economic viability of Black visual artists, promoting equity in the arts all while fueling the creative economy.

BUTTER is a multi-day fine art fair organized by GANGGANG, a cultural development and creative advocacy firm that works to center beauty, culture, and equity in systems and cities, testing new more equitable models with experiments like BUTTER. Anchored in Indianapolis, BUTTER honors and amplifies the value and worth of Black artists, serving as a new model for economic justice in the arts and a catalyst for career transformation.


BUTTER centers + elevates Black artists.

Black artists have benefited from a long-overdue abundance of invitations to exhibit, participate, and weigh-in. However, the cultural infrastructure for artists is lacking, and the roadmap to career advancement and financial sustainability has been unclear. BUTTER aims to change this.

BUTTER invites guests to see and experience contemporary art in new ways, all while advocating for the value and worth of Black artists. The fair was created by GANGGANG to test a new model for reparations in the arts, with a focus on care, authenticity, and economic justice.

In just two years, BUTTER has made a bright impact on Indianapolis and beyond. By returning 100% of artwork sales back to the artists, the fair is an experiment in elevating standards across the art industry and the economic viability of being an artist.


Recently featured in the The New York Times, BUTTER works to exhibit art with proper context, selling or loaning 100% of the artwork and offering 100% of sales profit to each participating artist. BUTTER is responsible for more than $500,000 in artwork sales, maximizing the earnings of 72 artists by giving them all the profit for their work. The impact and message reached 10 million people in just two years.  

Taking place over Labor Day Weekend, the 2023 AES Indiana BUTTER presented by JPMorgan Chase and Newfields will be held at the Stutz in the Indiana Avenue cultural district downtown.


“BUTTER: A Fine Art Fair certainly fulfilled GANGGANG’s promise to support creative economy and equity, and continues to form a platform and leadership that expands what this city needs the most.” - NUVO