Artist Submission

Submissions for BUTTER 2024 are now closed. 

To be considered for BUTTER 2025, Indiana-based artists should join the GANGGANG Artist Directory. Non-Indiana based artists are encouraged to submit portfolios below. Submissions will close December 31, 2025.

Each year, BUTTER’s curatorial team is built in alignment with GANGGANG’s larger goals. Our current team adds expertise around artist care, artists’ rights, ownership, and sustainability. Artists and galleries are identified through a streamlined curatorial process that includes reviewing the GANGGANG artist directory, artist-submitted portfolios, and independent research by a rotating curatorial team.

Unlike other fairs that follow a pay-to-play model, artists do not pay a fee to submit portfolios, nor do they pay booth rent to participate. Because the typical financial barrier has been eliminated, interest to participate is very high and hundreds of submissions are reviewed.

Artist Submission

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